"Photography is more than a product, it is an experience." -Amethyst




About Me


Hey, it's me. First off I would like to say yes, my real name is actually Amethyst but don't worry you can call me Amy. I first got into photography when I was very  young I had a small pink digital camera that I used ALL the time and before that I would use those wind up cameras and go through about 10 of them in a week sometimes. It was not until I was a sophomore in high school that I got my first "professional" camera. It was a canon T2i and that's when I started really diving into photography and exploring my passion. I am so lucky I found my passion so early in life because not everyone gets that opportunity. Since then I have really turned this passion into my career and I would never change a thing about it. I couldn't imagine my life without photography. I am now a full time photographer who focuses on Couples, Weddings, and Seniors but also do much more than that. I always am learning and trying to improve my craft. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make in any career is thinking they know it all and have all the answers. I will never know it all and I will never have all the answers BUT I will always put my whole heart into my work and give you the best possible product that I can. 


On a more personal level I am 22 with my degree from ASU in communications. I graduated college in 3 years so that I could focus fully on photography as soon as I could. I am also engaged and soon to be married 11.17.18. My significant other does not do photography but he is a hard worker that tells me "to do what I love and not worry what I make" to have someone who supports my passion that much is absolutely amazing I couldn't do this full time without him. We bought our first home together in May 2016 and we have two amazing FUR babies, life is pretty awesome if you ask me. I am a lover of coffee, traveling, and good company. 





"My fiancé and I had an absolutely breathtaking photoshoot with Amethyst for our engagement. I felt very comfortable and relaxed while shooting, even if it was 45° outside. I hope to work with Amethyst again in the future" -Mckenna Austin




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