"Photography is more than a product, it is an experience." -Amethyst


Hey, it's me. First off I would like to say yes, my real name is actually Amethyst but don't worry you can call me Amy. I first got into photography when I was very young I had a small pink digital camera that I used ALL the time and before that I would use those wind up cameras and go through about 10 of them in a week sometimes. It was not until I was a sophomore in high school that I got my first "professional" camera. It was a canon T2i and that's when I started really diving into photography and exploring my passion. I am so lucky I found my passion so early in life because not everyone gets that opportunity. Since then I have really turned this passion into my career and I would never change a thing about it. I couldn't imagine my life without photography. I am now a full time photographer who focuses on Couples, Weddings, and Seniors but also do much more than that. I always am learning and trying to improve my craft. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make in any career is thinking they know it all and have all the answers. I will never know it all and I will never have all the answers BUT I will always put my whole heart into my work and give you the best possible product that I can. On a more personal level I am 22 with my degree from ASU in communications. I graduated college in 3 years so that I could focus fully on photography as soon as I could. I am also engaged and soon to be married 11.17.18. My significant other does not do photography but he is a hard worker that tells me "to do what I love and not worry what I make" to have someone who supports my passion that much is absolutely amazing I couldn't do this full time without him. We bought our first home together in May 2016 and we have two amazing FUR babies, life is pretty awesome if you ask me. I am a lover of coffee, traveling, and good company. 





"Amethyst is an absolutely unbelievable photographer. My husband and I stressed over finding a photographer that would capture our special day as an artist, and that’s exactly what she did. Her pictures are stunning, thematic, creative and full of life. She is so talented at her art form and we were over the moon excited about the pictures we received back from our wedding. Not only is Amethyst a killer artist, but she is a true and genuine human being. She took every single suggestion I had and turned it into a vision. My absolute favorite detail of her photography was that she captured every moment few and far between with her keen eye for candid, special moments. She had creative ideas I had never seen in a wedding photographer and she made the entire experience one of a kind and special for us. She delivered an extremely large amount of photos and they were all so good! Seriously. I will recommend her to anyone that is looking for a seriously talented photographer that castes not only about her job, but goes the extra mile for her clients. We couldn’t have been more impressed.” - Shea Toepel




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