Boudoir Q + A

Q: What does a boudoir session mean to me? 

A: Well simply put it means someone is coming to me and TRUSTING me to help them feel comfortable and confident while taking photos they normally would never take of themselves. The most important thing to me is to make sure when you leave you have had a great/fun time and you feel beautiful and excited to get your photos back.


Q: Where does the session take place?

A: I have my very own studio in my home (all white master bedroom with tub for milk baths) no its not a bedroom anyone sleeps in we have two masters and this one is for photos only.


Q: Can I do them in the comfort of my own home?

A: Yes, but there is different pricing for this because I am traveling to you!


Q: Are you going to post them?

A: Privacy is VERY important to me. If you don’t want your pictures posted no one will see them but me and whoever you allow!

BUT if you are okay with me posting them please let me know and I will be able to use them to better my portfolio. It’s the only way I get more business.


Q: Should I get a spray tan before hand?

A: If you want one I say go for it! Just be careful who you go too. I would also suggest doing it 2-3 days prior. SO you have time to shower before it.


Q: Can I bring my own props?

A: I LOVE when people want to bring items to incorporate. Some items people have brought have been a puppy, veil/garter, significant other clothing, and ect.


Q: I have never done something like this before, I am so nervous. Do you have any pointers.

A: I do my very best to make sure you feel confident and that you have FUN. Yes FUN, usually people leave saying “I would only do something like this with you” “that was so much more fun than I thought”

We will be jamming to music (feel free to send me your favorite songs before the shoot) and talking and taking photos.

Honestly just be YOU and try not to be nervous just have fun!


Q: Can I go full nude for some photos?

A: YES.  I am not going to “judge” you or say no. This shoot is about you and what you want. If you want to take nude photos we will make them tasteful and they will be coming from an artful perspective as well. LETS do it.

Q: How soon will I get the images back?

A: My delivery takes about two weeks, you will receive them on an online gallery that only you will have the code for and you will be able to download the images.


Q: How many photos usually get delivered?

A: Depends on the package.

|Basic| is $225 for 30+ frames 1 outfit

|Classic| $250 for 50+ frames 2 outfits

|Forever| $275 70+ frames 3 outfits

Q: Is hair and makeup provided?

A: Hair and makeup is not provided in pricing, I can suggest some amazing hair and makeup artist to you.


Q: Do you have boudoir outfits there that I can use?

A: I have a very limited amount so I suggest you bring your own. I do have some heals available but again very limited.



If you have any questions not answered please email me, I would love to answer them!


Amethyst Jonovich